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Low Carb Recipes: 50+ Easy Meals for Weightloss!


While every other diet plan has failed, low carb diets have never failed at helping us lose weight. So if you’re looking for a weight loss strategy that will finally work, you can count on a low carb diet!

In this article, I’m gonna put up a mega list of 50+ low carb recipes for weight loss that actually help!

For beginners, developing a habit for a low carb diet is quite difficult (or let’s say tricky). But if you’re confirmed you wanna lose weight, I suggest you pay attention.

Basically, any weight loss plan recommends an intake of 100-150 carbs a day. Obviously, you can’t dull your body activities for weight loss, thus these carbs need to be healthy.

What I’m going to list down is low carb breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes. If you want to stay on a low carb diet, you need to save these recipes for regular cooking.

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Before starting without a list of 50+ low carb recipes or weight loss, let me extend your knowledge about a low carb diet. If you already are aware of everything about low carb, you can skip to the list.

But, if you’re a beginner, I suggest you read it all. It’s been experimented and proved that low carb diets are the most effective plus budget-friendly ways of losing weight.

According to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, it was found that “subjects who ate a low-carbohydrate diet lost more weight than subjects on a conventional diet for the first six months.” 

It was also found that “The test subjects also had an improvement in insulin sensitivity and triglyceride levels, even after the findings were adjusted to account for weight loss.”

These studies have helped people know how effective a low-carb diet can be! But have you wondered how many carbs actually is “Low carb”?

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How many Carbs is “Low Carb”?

Particularly, there’s no actual number that defines low carb! There are several kinds of diet plans that offer different steps and guidelines.

Some basic low carb diets allow an intake of 50-100 grams of carbs. The basic diets are for beginners. When you go deeper in the low carb diet, moderate plans allow an intake of 100-150g carbs since you get more active and lean after experiencing weightloss.

But for people having low carb emails while being on a keto diet, you cannot go above 30g in carbs. There’s no particular number that states the term “low-carb”. All of it depends on the level you are!

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Why Low Diets work while every other diet has failed?

1. Less Hunger

You feel less hungry because these diets play a major role in suppressing appetite effect. This is really a benefit if you’re that person who loves eating 24/7.

Low carb diets also decrease the number of cravings for foods like pasta and sugary treats. This is one of the reasons you’re gonna love these low carb recipes for weightloss!

2. Migraine relief

If you’re someone who gets a headache every once in a while, a low carb diet is for you. These diets have proved the reduction of chronic migraine occurrence by making your body use ketones rather than glucose as fuels.

3. Better Heart Health

No one likes dying off heart diseases. Obviously, I’d like to die when it’s time and I’m still healthy in my 70s. Low carb diet improves lipid profiles by promoting good cholesterol in your body and reducing “triglycerides” (something that promotes cardiovascular diseases).

4. Increase in Weightloss

Weightloss is boosted up to 2-3 times while having these low carb recipes for weight loss. You’ll notice a significant amount of weight loss in the very first two weeks of your journey.

Foods that you must avoid!

Soda: 1 can of soda has 39g of carbs

White Rice: 1 cup = 45g carbs

Beans & Legumes: 1 cup black beans/kidney beans/ pinto beans/ chickpeas = 40g carbs

Sugar & Sweets: I’m sorry but yeah, “sweets” is a big “NO”.

Heavy Fruits: 1 Banana/Mango/Peer = 28g+ carbs

Apple Juice: 48 grams of carbs

Pasta: 1 bowl = 43g carbs

Vegetables that contain starch: Peas, Potatoes, Sweet corn, Winter Squash, Beets, Parsnips

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Foods that you can have on a Low carb diet

Vegetables [Non-Starchy]: Tomatoes, Zucchini, Spinach, Broccoli, Cabbage, Cucumbers, Cauliflower, Lettuce, Mushrooms, Brussels Sprouts, Peppers

Eggs: 1 egg = 0g carbs

Meat: Pork, Lamb, Chicken, Beef: =0g carbs

Drink: Coffee, Tea, Infused water

Healthy Fats: Olive oil, Coconut oil, Ghee, Butter

Fish: Shrimp, Tuna, Salmon = 0g carbs

Nuts & Seeds: 1 oz almonds = 6g carbs

I  guess now you’re well known about the low carb diet, it’s benefits and why it is so useful! Below I’m gonna state the best low carb recipes for weight loss. These are gonna include breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes! Let’s start with our mega list.

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1. Philly Cheesesteaks

low carb recipes for weightloss

You’re not gonna wanna leave this recipe, if you’re a true sandwich lover just like me. But isn’t there something fishy? A delicious sandwich without bread? How’s that possible?

It is though, bread is exchanged by lettuce leaves to make it a low carb recipe. Yeah, you eliminate the bread, you eliminate the carbs, simple as that!

Get the recipe here: Philly Cheesesteaks

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2. Bacon-Wrapped Egg Cups

This recipe by “Fit Foodie Finds” is prepared in less than 30 minutes. Meal prep these egg muffins and you’ll have breakfast ready for an entire week.

It contains 9 grams of protein while 0 carbs. Get the recipe here: Bacon Wrapped Egg cups 

3. Keto Taco Cups

low carb recipes for weightloss

This recipe is one of my favorites because it only requires special ingredients that we already love: avocado and ground beef. One might wonder that taco shells are high in carbs.

Yes, they are, but curiosity gives birth to inventions lol. The taco cups for this dish are made out of cheddar cheese which also makes it tastier and one of my favorite low carb recipes for weightloss.

Get the recipe here: Keto Taco Cups 

4. Burritos

Hearing “Burritos” make me so happy, imagine what it does to me when I eat it. “…as close to low-carb breakfast heaven as you can get.” 

Get the recipe here: Low carb Burritos

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5. Sesame Crusted Cod & Bok Choy

low carb recipes for weightloss

Fishes taste great if cooked the right way, but who eats it for taste anyway? I eat it for the proteins fish offers. Cod is a home to many healthy fats your body craves.

These healthy fats help prevent heart diseases. They reduce inflammation and help heal your stomach! Also, supports eye health and improve bone health. To be honest, this dish perfect for an evening lunch in a winter day.

  • Calories: 429
  • Fat: 26g
  • Fiber: 4g
  • Protein: 36g/serving
  • Carbs: 15g

Get the recipe here: Sesame Crusted Cod & Bok Choy

6. Low Carb Blueberry Muffins

All you gotta do to make these blueberry muffins low carb is to use the almond floor for all purposes. Each of the muffins has 3.5g of carbs!

Trust ain’t no way better than this to lose weight. This tasty recipe by “Savory Tooth” is one of the tastiest low carb recipes for weightloss!

Get the recipe here: Blueberry Muffins

7. Grilled Chicken Parmesan

low carb recipes for weightloss

I love chicken and I adore cheese! But for them together? I had second thoughts. Though Deanna made all my thoughts go away with one bite of this delicious dish!

Get the recipe here: Grilled Chicken Parmesan

8. Spice Egg Avocado Bowl

No doubt the tastiest low carb, high protein breakfast bowl ever! Get the recipe here: Half Baked Harvest

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9. Cauliflower Mac & Cheese

low carb recipes for weightloss

Mac and cheese are two things that you can find in any kitchen all over the US. Though, it ain’t healthy at all because of added artificial flavors and ingredients.

But, “Don’t Sweat the Recipe” made this recipe in such a way, it only has 5g carbs. Plus, all of those artificial flavors are taken care of.

Get this 263 calorie meal here: Cauliflower Mac & Cheese

10. Strawberry Chia Pudding with Almond Milk

Who wouldn’t want to start their day with some tasty and refreshing pudding? This recipe from “Low Carb Yum” offers a fruity breakfast in a low-carb style.

Get the recipe here: Strawberry Chia Pudding with Almond Milk 

11. Shrimp and Sausage Skillet Meal

low carb recipes for weightloss

I love Meat and Seafood combos very much, the most sizzling foods on the table. These dishes are very popular and available in almost all restaurants!

There’s one not-so-satisfying thing in restaurants: calorie count. It’s too much! But, “Paleonewbie” manages to compress the calorie count and created one of the best low carb recipes for weightloss which tastes delicious.

Get the recipe here: Shrimp and Sausage Skillet Meal

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12. Breakfast Pockets

This budget-friendly, freezable, and easy to customize recipe is perfect for breakfasts. It offers only 4g of carbs per serving.

Get the recipe here: Breakfast Pockets

13. Pepperoni Pizza Chicken Bake

low carb recipes for weightloss

The name of this recipe makes me wanna get up and go into the kitchen. It’s made really low carb, though you can reduce more carbs by making your own pizza sauce!

Plus, this dish tastes even more delicious when the taste of pepperoni and cheese is baked with chicken. Once your family eats it, it’s going to be the favorite for all of them.

Hands down one of the tastiest low carb recipes for weightloss! Get the recipe here: Pepperoni Pizza Chicken Bake

14. Kale Veggie Frittata

This recipe contains less than 10 grams of carbs per serving. A really healthy twist on a delicious egg breakfast made by “Two Purple Figs”.

Get the recipe here: Kale Veggie Frittata

15. Buffalo Chicken Tenders

low carb recipes or weightloss

This mouth-watering dish offers 29 grams of protein and only 3g carbs. It’s made possible by baking these chicken tenders rather than frying which saves a lot of calories.

Other than that, the breading is rather made up with almond flour saving a lot of carbs. Plus, “Keto Connect” has came up with a low carb barbecue sauce too if you’re not a buffalo sauce lover.

Get the recipe here: Buffalo Chicken Tenders

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16. Sausage & Egg Breakast Casserole

Having a lazy morning? This recipe is for you. This casserole containing 5 grams of carbs is made in the slow cooker!

Get the recipe here: Sausage & Egg Breakfast Casserole

17. Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps

When I hear “lettuce wraps”, my mind automatically reforms it as “low carb”! This recipe has become one of the favorite low carb recipes for weightloss for not only me, but many people.

Why? As it serves high amount of fiber  and muscle building protein. Surprisingly, such a healthy meal only takes less than 30 minutes to cook.

  • Calories: 309
  • Fiber: 5g
  • Fat: 17g
  • Protein: 25g
  • Carbs: 18g

Get the recipe here: Thai Chicken Lettuce Recipes

18. Cauliflower Hash Brown Egg Cups

Enjoy less than 1 gram of carb per serving with this delightful low carb breakfast!

Get the recipe here: Cauliflower Hash Brown Egg Cups

19. Low Carb Spinach Cobb Salad

On a ketogenic diet/low carb diet? Check out these healthy low carb recipes for weight loss. These fat burning recipes are perfect ideas for lunch & dinner.

I was never a salad fan until one day I found this recipe at “That’s Low Carb!”. This salad is tasty as icecream and contains eggs, bacon, chicken, and avocado. All the four ingredients that I crave all the time.

Get the recipe here: Low Carb Spinach Cobb Salad

20. Bagels

You can eat “Bagels” in a low carb diet?! Hell yeah!

This bagels recipe from “Peace, Love and Low Carb” is a copycat version of Starbucks’ Chonga Bagel. It tastes so good to be true and only contains 6 grams of carbs.

Get the recipe here: Bagels

21. Steak Fajita Roll-ups

low carb recipes for weightloss

These steak fajita roll-ups are way too delicious with macros like 1g fat, 2g carbs, 50 calories and 6g protein per roll up!

You can eat 10+ of these without having to hate yourself. Get the recipe here!

22. Hunger Buster Bacon Frittata

These hunger busters are perfect for a mid-morning snack or a low carb breakfast since they are packed with filling protein & healthy fats!

Get the recipe here: Hunger Buster Bacon Frittata

23. Spicy Sriracha Tuna Lettuce Wraps

On a ketogenic diet/low carb diet? Check out these healthy low carb recipes for weight loss. These fat burning recipes are perfect ideas for lunch & dinner.

These lettuce wraps are perfect for a busy day as it only takes less than 10 minutes to prepare them! Plus, they offer the right amount of spiciness which makes me keep it in this mega list of 50+ low carb recipe for weightloss.

Get the recipe here: Spicy Sriracha Tuna Lettuce Wraps 

24. Low carb Spinach Cobb Salad

One of the easiest and fastest made salad in this list! It only takes 2 grams of carbs per serving.

Get the recipe here!

25. Keto Chicken  Enchilada Bowl

low carb recipes for weight loss

This incredibly delicious dish is not just easy to make but also it only contains 6 net carbs per serving!

Get the recipe here: Keto Chicken Enchilada Bowl

26. Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Just by swapping out the carb-filled crust with a healthy version from “One Little Project” will let you have pizza and yet lose weight!

Get the recipe here: Cauliflower Pizza Crust

27. Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Chicken

Bacon-wrapped chicken

Wanna take your plain old’ chicken breast to the next level? Get the recipe here!

All you gotta do is stuff your raw chicken breast with mozzarella cheese and diced jalapeno. After this, wrap your chicken breasts in bacon and pop it in the oven for around 50 minutes.

The best thing about this dish is that you can blend it in any way, add veggies, more spices and cheese the way it suits you.

28. Veggie Packed Anytime Omelets

low carb recipes for weightloss

“Omelettes are fine for dinner, just add some prawns and herbs or some sh*t like that and it’s perfect.”

This is a good low carb meal since it’s made up of protein and fat. Add veggies such as brussels sprouts or broccoli to your dish and get more vitamins than usual.

29. Garlic Chicken Collard Wraps

low carb recipes for weightloss

One of the healthiest low carb recipes for weightloss! This dish is packed with veggies and is perfect for lunch.

Get the recipe here!

30. Tuna Melt Stuffed Tomatoes

Get this 2.5 net carbs recipes at “Beauty and the Foodie”! It is a perfect low carb tuna melt without the bun or the carbs.

Get the recipe here: Tuna Melt Stuffed Tomatoes

31. Blueberry Galaxy Smoothie

This blueberry vanilla smoothie is all you need as an amazing snack-breakfast or dessert. It’s packed with energy and only 3 net carbs!

Get the recipe here: Blueberry Galaxy Smoothie

32. Peanut Butter Protein Balls

Feeling a snack attack? Craving snacks?! Get these protein balls ready in no time. Get the recipe here!

33. Broccoli Cheese Soup

low carb recipes for weightloss

I personally adore this broccoli soup and want no night where this soup ain’t on my dinner table! It’s made under 30 minutes and contains only 4 net carbs.

Made using only 5 ingredients, get this recipe here: Broccoli cheese soup

34. Caprese Hasselback Chicken

One of the best low carb recipes for weightloss you can prepare under 30 minutes on busy weeknights. This quick and simple lifesaver recipe is best for a family dinner!

Get the recipe here!

35. Spinach Stuffed Chicken

low carb recipes for weightloss

Who wouldn’t like chicken that only takes 10 minutes to prepare? Get the recipe here: Spinach Stuffed Chicken 

36. Chicken Enchilada Skillet

Get this dish prepared in under 15 minutes offering as low as 7 grams of carbs per serving. Get the recipe here!

37. Cauliflower Pot Pies

low carb recipes for weightloss

These pot pies have never disappointed me like ever. The most comforting recipe made in less than 15 minutes.

Get the recipe here: Cauliflower Pot Pies

38. Jalapeno Shrimp Veggie Bake

A low carb delicious dinner prepared under an hour? Hell Yeah! Get the recipe here!

39. Buttered Cod

One of my game changer low carb recipes for weightloss! This one-skillet recipe with absolutely no carbs get prepared in less than 10 minutes.

Get the recipe here: Buttered Cod 

40. No carb Pizza

Every one of us deserves a break from our regular strict diet. How about a pizza on weekends that contains only 2 net carbs? “730 Sage Street” has you covered!

This recipe is prepared in less than 10 minutes. Get it here: No carb Pizza

41. Buffalo Chicken & Broccoli Bowls

Get a night’s dinner ready by serving over cauliflower rice alongside! It’s quick, simple and full of deliciousness.

Get the recipe here: Buffalo Chicken & Broccoli Bowls

42. Garlic Butter Baked Salmon

low carb recipes for weightloss

This recipe is as tasty as it looks in the image above. “Little Spice Jar” did an excellent job by preparing this healthy recipe. Get the recipe here!

43. Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

These delightful chicken meatballs with only 2 net carbs prove that low carb doesn’t have to mean low flavor. Get the recipe here: Buffalo Chicken Meatballs!

44. Skinny Eggplant Rollatini

low carb recipes for weightloss

Sliced eggplants stuffed with spinach & cheese rolled up to create a guilt-free, low carb dinner with only 8 grams of carbs per serving!

Get the recipe here: Skinny Eggplant Rollatini

45. Flank Steak with Cilantro Chimichurri

Trust me on this one, if you eat this dish once, you’ll want it every day. Get ready to become a flank steak fan!

Get the recipe here!

46. Low Carb Pizza Muffin in a Mug

The best low carb recipe if you’re in a hurry for your agendas! This Pizza muffin mixes up all the tasty flavors of pizza into a muffin that’s prepared in less than 2 minutes.

Get the recipe here: Pizza Muffin 

47. Italian Beef Roll up

This dish tastes as good as it’s looking. Prepare these beef roll-ups in less than 10 minutes with only 3 net carbs.

Get the recipe here!

48. Mason Jar Zucchini Lasagna

low carb recipes for weightloss

These mason jar lasagnas make it easy for you to stay low carb even during that lunch break. These are perfectly packed with protein taking less than 15 minutes to prep!

Get the recipe here: Mason Jar Zucchini Lasagna

49. Taco Salad

Loaded with Southwestern flavor, this low carb lunch is easy to prep & is ready to eat in less than 30 minutes! Grab the recipe on Salt & Lavender

50. Shrimp & Cauliflower Salad

low carb recipes for weightloss

Try combining healthy cauliflower with shrimp to make an ordinary salad extraordinary! Only 5 net carbs! Get the recipe on I Breathe I’m Hungry 

End Point

So these were basically the easiest, the tastiest, the simplest, the most delicious low carb recipes for weightloss. You can literally use these recipes and lose weight in a delightful way.

Comment below your thoughts on this mega list and make sure to pin it if you found this recipe any helpful!

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